Although Jacobs University is international in its orientation and has chosen English as the primary language of instruction and campus communication, all foreign undergraduate (UG) students who are not already proficient in German are required to learn the language of their host country (all other non-UG students are also invited to do so!). Learning German or improving language skills already acquired is not only an additional qualification to round off your résumé, but it is the (only) way to gain a deeper insight into German culture, to take part in it through the media, and to communicate with Germans on and off campus. Speaking and understanding German also makes everyday life easier, more enjoyable, and much more interesting!

Course Structure

Fall Term Spring Term Achieved Level
A 1.1 A 1.2 A 1
A 2.1 (1) A 2.1 (2)
A 2.2 (1) A 2.2 (2) A 2
B 1.1 (1) B 1.1 (2)
B 1.2 (1) B 1.2 (2) B 1
B 2.1 (1) B 2.1 (2)
B 2.2 (1) B 2.2. (2) B 2
C 1.1/ C1.2
Conversation Course
C 1.1/C 1.2
Conversation Course

Special Courses

Jacobs University offers a special TestDaF preparation course. This course is offered for free to Jacobs students and gives them preparation necessary to take the standardized examination “Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache” to assess and certify their level of German. Please note that students must pay a required fee if they wish to take the actual certifying exam (non-exam takers are also welcome in the course free of charge).