Taking a Spanish language course at Jacobs University can be an enriching experience. Students have the opportunity to delve into a language rich in history and can gain access to a variety of cultures around the world. Whether you are considering a semester abroad, are planning to travel to Spain or Latin America, or are feeling like picking up another language spoken by millions around the globe, Spanish is the right choice for you!

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Course Structure

Fall Term Spring Term Achieved Level
A 1.1 A 1.2 A 1
A 2.1 A 2.2 A 2
B 1.1 (1) B 1.1 (2)
B 1.2 (1) B 1.2 (2) B 1
B 2.1 (1) B 2.1 (2)
B 2.2 (1) B 2.2 (2) B 2
C 1 C 1


Our courses are taught by a team of qualified Spanish instructors from the Instituto Cervantes who offer Spanish courses at various language levels.